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Stem cell biology captures the imagination of the world! And it has captured our imagination too. We are a team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs and we see an opportunity for well-designed technology to make a great impact on the way you, stem cell scientists, record and communicate your work. We became fascinated with the idea of how technology might be leveraged to your advantage. What would it look like if we created a data management system that truly reflects the way cell culture works? We became excited about the potential.

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Our vision is to accelerate scientific discoveries and breakthrough therapies based on advanced cell culture software. We strive to empower cell culture scientists to realize the full potential of their research and collaborate more effectively. This is the team we assembled for the task.

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Stem cells are a collaborative science that organizes and mobilizes people and institutions around causes and cures. We love that about this science. CultureTrax is built to support and encourage collaborative behavior. We want to take this space to celebrate our partners and collaborators.

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