Stem cells are a collaborative science that organizes and mobilizes people and institutions around causes and cures. We love that about this science. CultureTrax is built to support and encourage collaborative behavior.

We want to take this space to celebrate our partners and collaborators.

Institutions that have Helped Develop CultureTrax:

By using and evaluating the CultureTrax software, scientists at these institutions help us build and maintain a relevant and useful software tool. We graciously thank them!

Broad Institute Kings College
Madison Area Technical College Medical College of Wisconsin
NIH University of Wisconsin, Madison


CultureTrax maintains critical information I would not know after those who did the work left the lab months or even years earlier.

Prof. Allison Ebert
Medical College of Wisconsin

Providing immediate, paperless access at the hood to protocols, recipes and the experimental plan will minimize human error and really save us time.

Prof. Rebekah Gundry
Medical College of Wisconsin

CultureTrax addresses the complex biological nature of stem cell workflows. The ability to collaborate more effectively with other scientists, and to transfer detailed protocols and cell line histories will significantly improve my lab's research efficiency and enable translation to clinically relevant protocols.

Prof. Timothy Kamp
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Institutions and Consortia
We Proudly Endorse and Support:


  CAMCTP Consortium

CAMCTP is a multi-year initiative to create a community-to-career pathway for technical education in biomanufacturing. The rapid growth of stem cell science is creating a demand for well-qualified technical employees with specialized skills and competencies to advance stem cell technology. This project, a collaborative endeavor between Madison Area Technical College (MATC) and the City College of San Francisco (CCSF), will improve and expand technical education in stem cell technology and regenerative medicine within the broader context of biotechnology.



The Forward BIO Initiative, a collaborative effort between the Forward BIO Institute, Forward BIOLABS, and BioForward Wisconsin, is committed to advancing Wisconsin as a national biomanufacturing center of excellence. This unique partnership offers comprehensive support for technological innovation and workforce development to effectively translate discoveries into commercial products and groundbreaking therapies. Forward BIOLABS will serve as a landing place for startups, many of which will come out of UW-Madison research.