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Our vision is to accelerate scientific discoveries and breakthrough therapies based on advanced cell culture software. This is the team we assembled for the task.

Victoria Echeverria
Customer Success

Victoria has over 10 years of hands-on experience in drug discovery research and development with a focus in assay development and advanced cellular models of disease. In addition to time at the bench, she spent 4 years at Cellular Dynamics International supporting and training hundreds of scientists and technicians to work with induced pluripotent stem cells and iPSC-derived tissues. She has first-hand...

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Rachel Bolger
Customer Engagement

Rachel is a life science professional with 20 years of experience in product management and strategic marketing driving new technologies and products into biopharmaceutical markets. She has held strategic positions at PanVera Corporation (ThermoFisher Scientific) BellBrook Labs, BioSystem Development and Agilent Technologies. By developing effective go-to-market strategies and educating markets and sales channels...

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Scott Fulton

Scott has over 40 years of management & consulting experience with established and early stage companies in the life science tools and biotechnology industries. His contributions include product design, development & support, quality & regulatory affairs, product management, business development, marketing strategy & communications, technical & business modeling and investment...

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Zach Van Den Heuvel
Product Manager

With 12 years of experience designing software for scientist, Zach has made a career of translating between the languages of computer programming and working bench scientists. As a translator, he understands the nuance and jargon used when describing one’s science and the workflows involved, extracting the real problems being expressed, and documenting and communicating them in a way that enables a programmer and other...

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